Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Политехнический Университет.

The RUSSIAN LANGUAGE BUREAU of this university


Russian for everybody!

State support combined with academic autonomy

The Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1899 as the largest and most advanced engineering educational institute in Russia. Several important elements have contributed to successful development of the University during its century long lifetime: the constant State support combined with academic autonomy, favorable disposition, extremely high concentration of talent, advanced educational programmes based on solid theoretical knowledge, traditions of extensive research with active students' involvement, vast and close links with industry and commerce, the distinctive pioneering spirit inherited from generation to generation of faculty and students.

A wide range of programs

The Russian Language bureau of the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University (Faculty of Humanities) offers a wide range of language programs for foreigners: Russian for everybody!
· Russian for beginners
· Russian for tourists
· Russian literature of the 18 and 19 centuries
· Russian literature at the turn of the 20 century
· Literature of contemporary Russia
· History and culture of Russia
· Russian language for specialists (Teacher's Russian course; Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language)
· Business Russian

Russisch voor iedereen!

Het Russisch Taalbureau van de Polytechnische Universiteit (Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen) van Sint - Petersburg biedt het hele jaar door een breed scala van taalprogramma's aan voor buitenlanders: Russisch voor iedereen!
- Russisch voor beginners
- Russisch voor toeristen
- Russische literatuur van de 18e en 19e eeuw
- Russische literatuur van de eerste helft 20e eeuw
- Literatuur van het hedendaagse Rusland
- Geschiedenis en cultuur van Rusland
- Docentencursus: methodiek van het onderwijs in de Russische taal
- Russisch voor zakenlieden

De prijzen zijn relatief laag omdat er niet wordt gewerkt met tussenpersonen. Je kunt via fax of e-mail zelf contact leggen met de mensen van de universiteit (dat kan in het Engels):
Fax: 007 8 12 2974464
Je kunt ook vragen stellen aan leraren:

Anna Krundysheva:
Olga Aleksandrova:

Veel Nederlandse studenten hebben al aan de Polytechnische Universiteit gestudeerd, van beginners tot gevorderden. Hoe dat is kun je lezen op de weblog: Linda in Rusland

The whole year round

You can join the courses the whole year round, except the holidays. The duration of a course is from one week up to a year or more.
You can stay in a students hostel, which is situated near the university and close to a metro station.

A big advantage of this course is that you can organise the course to your own wishes: you can take as many lessons as you want and you can stay from one week on as long as you want. The price can be arranged by e-mail.

The course will be adapted to your level; you can write by e-mail the level of your Russian language: starting from zero, experienced Russian language speaker, or in between. It is important to arrange all as much as possible by e-mail before you fly to Saint Petersburg.

For more details please contact:

Svetlana Goubareva, director
or Yulia Yermolaeva
Russian Language Bureau
Faculty of Humanities
St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
29, Polytechnícheskaya st.
ST.PETERSBURG 195251 Russia


Fax: 007 8 12 2974464

For more information you can also write to one of our teachers
Anna Krundysheva:
Olga Aleksandrova:

(You can write in English)

For More information about this language program you can read this page and you can contact the people of the university.


Just before 10 o'clock in the morning students walk to the Politechnical University

Description of the courses

This Course of Russian is designed for students who are just starting to learn Russian. Within a month students learn the minimum basic grammar and vocabulary which is necessary for communication with Russians. Application of the very latest and progressive methods of teaching Russian allows students to develop strong oral skills.

RUSSIAN FOR EVERYBODY. Levels "B" "C" "D" - Practical studies
This course is designed for students who have an elementary knowledge of Russian. The goal of the course is to enable students to develop oral skills and become familiar with the contemporary life and culture of Russia. The course guarantees traiining to students of different ability levels (`B" level is the lowest, "D" level is the highest).

Russian literature of 18 and 19 centuries
Russian literature at the turn of the 20 century
Literature of contemporary Russia
History and culture of Russia.
The courses are conducted by the professors the humanities faculty who are experts in this field.

The course is designed to develop skills in oral and written translation.

The course is designed to train foreigners in methods of teaching Russian.

The course is designed to teach oral and written business Russian to foreigners.
Group training is offered. There is an average of three to eight students in a group. Teachers use an extensive range of educational materials and equipment, including the very latest in language teaching technology.

Picture in one of the classrooms: department 'Russian as a foreign language'

Upon your request you may attend lectures on the present day political any economic development of Russia, on philosophy, political economy and other technical disciplines, delivered by the leading specialists of the University.


The programme of studies includes interesting possibilities to visit one of the most beautiful cities of the world: Saint Petersburg. Theatre (Mariinski theater!), museum (Hermitage, Russian museum), cathedrals (Kazan cathedral, Isaak cathedral) as well as trips to the environment of Saint-Petersburg (Pavlovsk, Poesjkin gorod, Peterhof) and other Russian cities (Novgorod!) are recommended.

Pushkin invites you to come to Saint-Petersburg!
(Statue of the famous Russian poet Pushkin, before the Russian museum)

Cost of the courses

The prices can be arranged by e-mail.


There are two possibilities for getting a visa:
- If you stay shorter then 30 days, you can go with a normal tourist visa; you need an official invitation, which can be provided by the Russian Language Bureau.
- If you stay longer then 30 days, the visa and invitation have to be arranged by the university; the administrative costs (including express-mail) for arranging visa and invitation are 130 EURO p.p. for a group of minimal 3 persons; 150 EURO p.p. for 1 or 2 persons. You have to send a copy of the first page of the passport to specify term of planned stay here and to send biographical details: full name, age, place of work/study, borrowed post/trade address. (In this case a minimum of 12 lessons per week is necessary.)


Voor Nederlanders is het handig om een toeristenvisum en uitnodiging aan te vragen via het visumbureau Taurus internetservice. De aanvraagprocedure staat op de site

Het verkrijgen van een toeristenvisum via dit bureau gaat snel en effectief. Eenmaal in Rusland aangekomen moet je je dan binnen drie dagen laten registreren. Ook hierover geeft het visumbureau informatie.

Als je langer dan 30 dagen blijft is het nodig dat de universiteit in Sint Petersburg een visum voor je regelt.


When you arrive on the airport of Saint Petersburg you will probably land on the international airport Pulkovo-2. There are two passenger terminals in Saint Petersburg: Pulkovo-1 for domestic flights, and Pulkovo-2 for international flights. The International airport Pulkovo-2 is located about 17km (10.5 miles) south of the city centre and on a good day with light traffic the journey is about a 30 minute car ride away from the center of the city.

There is an information centre in Pulkovo 2, near the entrance. International flight information (tel: (0)812 104 3444) and domestic flight information (tel: (0)812 104 3822) is available.

Money and communications: a money change office and a post office are available in both terminals. There is a post office on the first floor of Pulkovo 2 Departures, which also offers fax, photocopying, IDD telephones and Internet facilities. Eating and drinking: There are restaurants, cafes and bars situated throughout the terminal.


Op de site kun je de goedkoopste vluchten van Amsterdam of Brussel naar Sint Petersburg opzoeken en direct boeken.

Twee maatschappijen komen in aanmerking voor een directe vlucht vanuit Amsterdam: Pulkovo en KLM.

Alitalia en Austrian airlines zijn ook niet duur, maar die gaan niet rechtstreeks.

Pulkovo is relatief het goedkoopst, KLM vliegt vaker.

Voorbeeldprijs van een retourticket Amsterdam - Sint Petersburg met Pulkovo: 199,00 + 65,71 tax = 264,71 euro.

Voorbeeld van een retourticket Brussel - Sint Petersburg via Milaan met Alitalia: 170,00 + 122,20 tax = 292,20 euro

Een ticket van Keulen naar Sint Petersbug is ook een idee.
Het totaal bedrag voor een retourticket Keulen - Sint Petersbug is ongeveer 176,10 euro. Daar komt dan nog wel de treinreis bij.

If you prefer to go by taxi from the airport to the student house, the university can arrange the transfer in advance. A taxi from the airport to the student house and back by return costs 65 EURO; or you can take a taxi yourself on the airport.

For little money you can go by bus or minibus and metro from the airport to the student house. Bus 13 or minibus number 13 depart from airport Pullkovo 2. The busstop is at your left hand side when you leave the airport hall. The bus goes to metro station Moskovskaya. From there you can go by metro line 2 (blue line) to Technologitsheski Institue, change there and get metro line nr 1 (red line) straight to metrostation Ploshchad Muzhestva. From there it is 10 minutes walk to the student house: out of the metro you go to the right, until the corner of a big street, that is Ulitsa Xlopina. You walk about 800 meters along this street; when you see a big parking place to your right hand, go there to the right along the parking place and the building you see in front of you is the builduing you need to go in.


Website of the Polytechnic University: The Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Institute

Site of the overall department of the study of Russian language of the Polytechnic University:
The Institute of International Educational Program

(Both websites are at the moment out of order; you can use: Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University)

Informatie over de stad: St. Petersburg City Information

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Het Nederlands Instituut in Sint Petersburg

taalcursus in Belgie

educatieweb Russisch

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